Digital character development, the middle of the way...

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This section shows the process of the investigation that includes the development of a digital character, which, in this case, was based on a 21 year old male model. The software is Maya 2010 and zbrush 3.5

The first part consist in an anatomical studio of the human body because it’s the base for a good topology, therefore, when I start the animation process the deformations on the 3D object shall act softer, more natural and accurate, closer to a human being.

After the anatomical studio. I took a serie of photos of the model as reference images.

The modeling of the face starts with a curve and following the anatomical studies. The geometry of the eyes and mouth was generated by ellipses because the muscles of that region (orbicularis oris and orbicularis oculi) have that shape.

The hand follows the same process, the topology follows the hypothenar eminence and thenar eminence.

The chest, neck, shoulder, sartorius and biceps femoris.

When the half part of the body is ready, it is reflected to the other side with the "mirror geometry tool". Because no one is symmetrical, there´re certain errors that are corrected by altering the other side.


The firts uv map was a tangled web, to optimize it, there´s a lot of tools to make it more manageable like plannar mapping or automatic mapping. The texture was made in photoshop using photos of the model. This texture was fixed in zbrush because there was edges in the union parts.


I used a transparency map to make the eyebrows, but it needs to be fixed. Same with the bumb map made in zbrush it must be softer.


These are some renders. It´s only the beginning, the most interesting part will be the animation.

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